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10 Types of Blinds and Shades

Window blinds and shades are great options for those seeking privacy. Moreover, they also help give the window and your room a refreshingly new look. With the numerous varieties of blinds and shades today, there are enough options to suit all kinds of fashion buds. Below are the different types of blinds and shades available today.

1. Cellular shades

If you want to combine fashion and function, then this is what you need to get. Cellular shades offer the ability to be opened or closed in either direction as well as to be ordered with cords to open and close them or cordless.

You can also get honeycomb cellular shades available in single and double cell fabrics, multiple pleat sizes and different degrees of filtering including blackout fabrics.

2. Verticals

Vinyl verticals work well in a different window sizes, including door walls.

Faux wood verticals provide a great deal of light control and are very easy to maintain.

Fabric verticals offer a contemporary look for your windows and are contemporary and easy to clean.

Woven wood verticals can be used on a window like a drapery or on a patio door like a vertical blind. They are a versatile option.

Drapery sheets can be rotated open to softly diffuse the outside light and view the outdoors through sheer fabric. These blinds can be closed to create privacy and more control. They also add light filtering or room darkening vanes to maximize privacy and light control.

3. Real wood blinds

These blinds offer a wide variety of premium woods to choose from. Many wood blinds are made of lightweight, warp resistant wood and are very easy to clean. They can be customized from multiple blinds on one head rail or route less slats. An easy lift loop cord is in most cases used to open and close these blinds.

4. Faux Wood Blinds

This is quite popular and is reasonably priced compared to real wood blinds. They offer the look of real wood without much expense. They are resistant to humidity, heat and moisture which help to build their attractiveness in high humidity climates. Faux wood blinds are easy to maintain and stay looking new. They are resistant to fading, chips and scratches.

5. Woven wood shades

They can be purchased using a variety of materials giving your room a rustic, contemporary or modern look. Privacy and blackout liners can be used to control light and add privacy.

6. Panel track blinds

These types of blinds can be used to create a clean, contemporary look for any room. They are offered in a wide selection of light filtering and room darkening fabrics. They can be used in door walls and to partition huge rooms as room dividers.

7. Roman shades

They combine a beautiful look and elegance of draperies with a fashionable practicality of cellular shades to offer great insulation to your home. They are available in large, soft cascading folds for traditional ‘hobbled’ look or a ‘flat fold’ style, with more understated folds.

8. Roller shades

They are available in a variety of colors and fabric options. Roller shades are easy to use and control light well.

9. Horizontal sheer shades

They are similar to vertical drapery sheers only that they lay horizontally on your window. They give a very classic look especially for your dining room.

10. Mini blinds

These types of blinds are available in a variety of materials such as aluminum and vinyl. They are inexpensive and readily available in a variety of sizes. They are best for temporary uses as they collect dust with time.

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