We have some of the most elegant and stylish drapes for your home or office. We also have motorized drapes for those looking for a little bit more convenience. If you don’t see the drapes you had in mind, just give us a call at 512-869-5164.

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Beautiful Window Coverings Designed For You

Are you looking for some custom drapes and want top quality but don’t want to pay top dollar? Here at CR Window Coverings, we pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide to our happy customers.

We promise that choosing our window covering service and getting a stylish new look for your windows that could have come right out of the pages of ‘Decor’ or ‘House Beautiful’, won’t cost you a pretty penny because we pass the savings from our low overhead to you, saving you money!

Even if you are unsure of which type of window covering would be perfect for your windows and your decor, Cindy our interior decorator will have some wonderful ideas to share with you.

For example:
Standard Pinch Pleat Drapes

These work beautifully for wider windows and for patio doors. The standard pinch pleat heading across the top of each panel give a traditional style to your drapes and can be hung on a decorative rod or on traverse rods so that they are easy to open and close – particularly on patio doors.

Goblet Pinch Pleat Drapes
These beautiful draperies are a modern version of the standard pinch pleat drapes above. The rounded ‘goblet’ pinch pleat at the top of each curtain is formed on wider buckram stiffening than is normally used for standard pinch pleats. Rolled up batting can be inserted into each ‘goblet’ to create three dimensional shapes for the heading to your window coverings.

European Pinch Pleat Drapes
These give a wonderful, tailored look to your windows. The hallmark of European pinch pleat curtains is that each pleat is tacked at the top of the buckram. The style suits heavier fabrics that hang beautifully and looks best with a larger diameter wooden or metal decorative curtain pole of traversing rod.

We can Advise You on Fabric Trends, Colors, Styles and More!
Whether you are looking for:
• A modern look with sheer fabrics to create a simple, chic look
• A classic effect with traditional fabrics like linen or silk
• A luxurious look with rich velvets that drape so beautifully
• A modern, environmentally friendly window covering using hemp or bamboo

The fabric you choose will influence the style of your draperies. You may wish to create a fresh, modern look with light draperies that fall to just above the floor level. Or you may want the luxurious feel of heavier draperies that pool onto the floor of your room.

So, please call us today at (512) 869-5164 for a design consultation – and look forward to an even more beautiful home, with our help.

Even if you are not sure at the consultation stage just exactly how to style your windows, your project is sure to turn out beautifully with Cindy’s wealth of experience and design ideas to draw on.

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