Shutters have been cherished as fine window furniture and a testament to a homeowners’ discerning style and sophistication for centuries. Check out our shutters and plantation shutters below:

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Homeowners Guide to the Different Types of Shutters

Window coverings can be trans-formative and inviting to any room when installed appropriately. They create a cozy environment where family and friends can relax and just have fun. Window shutters are among the most popular window coverings that are being used today. They come in different styles and materials to suit the tastes and preferences of consumers. They can also be installed in different ways according to the liking of homeowner. There are different types of window shutters each having a variety of features and benefits.

Shutters not only provide design, privacy and light control options, they also enhance the value of a home.

Poly Shutters
These shutters are made of polyresin materials. They are very popular with homeowners who prefer lighter neutral shades. They are famous for delivering beauty and functionality similar to that of wood shutters. They are easy to maintain and clean. When it comes to durability, poly shutters are easily preferred because effects such as fading, peeling and cracking are eliminated during the manufacturing process.

Wooden Shutters
These types of window coverings are known for their beauty and elegance. They are commonly made of basswood although some can be curved out of cherry or oak wood. You have an option of purchasing the shutters as unfinished so that you can stain and match the room you are decorating. Another alternative is to purchase the wooden shutters in pre-painted basic colors where you can just hang them or make stencil patterns on them. They are very durable and can improve the ambience of your home.

Vinyl Window Shutters
Vinyl shutters are made of polymers that enhance their durability. They fight effects of moisture such as mold and mildew. If you want to decorate your bathrooms and any other moist places within the house, vinyl window shutters are the most appropriate. They are also easier to clean when compared to all other types of window shutters. They do not warp even when exposed to sunshine.


Styles of Window Shutters

There are three main styles of window shutters. Each of these styles has its own characteristics that make it unique.

Plantation Shutters – these are designed to add a decorative look to your room. They give your windows proportion making them appear balanced.

Vertical Shutters – these are commonly found in homes and business premises. They add elegance and sophistication to any room. They range from one and a quarter inches to twelve inches wide.

Café Shutter – this is more of an installation than a type of shutter. It is designed as a covering for a portion of the window. It forms an excellent addition and it enhances the quality of any room where it is installed.

Therefore when choosing shutters, you need to be specific as to the type and style. Let the room you are decorating guide you in the shopping process.

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